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Some readers to the newspaper district city garden depa […]

Some readers to the newspaper district city garden department reflect the Jinsha River Road Hebei District and Yueyahe road junction near Yueyahe both sides, within the green park grass grow lush, affecting people relax, there are security risks. Reporters will feedback to the petition department, Hebei district city garden department sent field operations, carried out on the grass trimmed.
    Reporters on the scene saw the Jinsha River Road and Yueyahe road junction near the green park Yueyahe both sides, with a total area of about ten thousand square meters. Within Southbank green park, a large area of grass grows to more than 20 cm high, has a small area of grass over 50 cm tall. Within such a grass, easy to breed mosquitoes, to open in the green belt of people impact. Green park within the North Shore, there is a higher and more dense grass, also block the spread of the stone path in the park, affecting traffic, and security and safety risks. Sun, who lives near the district said they were from last summer to reflect this issue to the Hebei district city garden department, but the problem has not been resolved. Like this affect people's lives livelihood issues, the relevant departments should pay attention to, be resolved as soon as possible.
    At 14 o'clock on August 17, a dozen workers arrived at the scene to carry professional equipment, to the south bank of grass Yueyahe trim. With the roar of the waves, the grass mower cutting height of 5 centimeters unified, grass clippings are folded up. In addition to mowing, but also on plants were pruned, make it more beautiful. Workers worked until 19:00. At 6:00 on the 18th, the worker again reach Yueyahe Southbank green park, working for three and a half hours, and the high grass in the park completed basic trim. At this time the sky began to rain, it was forced to stop work. After the rain stopped, the worker afternoon on the north shore of the grass was trimmed.