4C-60 Single picking machine

4C-60 Single picking machine


The whole structure is compact, lightweight design, flexible and simple operation, low noise, low fuel consumption, long life, high efficiency, good control effect, easy maintenance.
The main components using a special plastic and light aluminum repression, light weight, corrosion resistance, carrying job comfortable and shot peening surface against corrosion.
THe core power accessories using low-noise muffler, wind, high hardness crankshaft, excellent carburetor, brand CP pumps, high wear clutch, high wear rings, high wear-resistant cylinder, high-cylinder piston, high temperature into trachea, the highest grade bearings and air filter structure and rational design, easy to disassemble; there is the use of air filters for easy cleaning sponge.
The machine with manual pumps carburetor, before starting to run the pump several times to reduce the number of start-stroke, can make machines faster start, at low temperature environment, the effect is more obvious.

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