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Brush cutter product introduction Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 19,2021

It has a wide range of uses, such as landscaping, garden maintenance, road cleaning, forest fire prevention, and crop harvesting.
The brush cutter is divided into electric power and internal combustion power according to the power. The internal combustion power is divided into two-stroke and four-stroke gasoline engines; according to the different transmission modes, it is divided into flexible shaft transmission and straight rod transmission. According to the fuel supply mode of the engine, it is divided into float type and pump membrane type. There are two types of working head parts of the brush cutter: blade and nylon head. The blade is used when the working environment is good and there is no debris such as stones. On the contrary, it is safer to use nylon head.
The brush cutter is a good helper for cement garden finishing. It is small in size, light in weight, strong and powerful, and is the first designated brand in professional use!
The brush cutter is mainly used to cut weeds on both sides of the road, orchards, hillsides or uneven shrubs and weeds, and the range can be expanded!
Not only is the brush cutter obviously quieter than other machines, it consumes less fuel, and its working life is twice that of other brush cutters! The engine has high combustion efficiency, high power and large torque. Lightweight, easy to use, ultra-compact, user-friendly design, shorten working time, with less fatigue!
The brush cutter greatly reduces the emission of smoke and hydrocarbons, and its innovation ability and cleanliness can exceed the strict emission regulations of the United States.