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How to solve the problem of the newly purchased brush cutter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 04,2021

The brush cutter is of great help to the weeding work, but many buyers have found that after a day or two of use, they are obviously just bought machines. Why do they have frequent failure rates. In fact, after understanding the specific application methods, we can effectively solve the failure rate.
Fault one: unable to boot
If the newly-purchased brush cutter cannot be restarted, in most cases, there is no gasoline in the storage tank. In order to effectively improve the restart effect of the machine, timely gasoline replenishment is required. Because newly-purchased machines often have insufficient gasoline, as long as they are added in accordance with the prescribed scale line, the machine can be guaranteed to work normally and effectively. Many users will turn on the switch button repeatedly after seeing that the machine is not working. In fact, this approach is incorrect. The repetition of this kind of action will easily cause the internal ignition coil to malfunction, which will affect the later work as scheduled.
Trouble two: black smoke occurs
If the brush cutter is turned on for less than an hour, a large amount of black smoke will be generated, which indicates that the maintenance method of this machine is not in place, because the filter element is not cleaned better, resulting in internal accumulation. Too much carbon. As long as the filter element is filtered scientifically and reasonably, a very effective application can be completed, which is still the key to trustworthy.
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