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How to troubleshoot the gear pump? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 27,2021

The gear pump is a rotary pump that relies on the change and movement of the working volume formed between the pump cylinder and the meshing gear to transport liquid or pressurize it. Gear pumps are small in size, simple in structure, low in working environment requirements, cheap and easy to maintain. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, construction, environmental protection and other fields.
Severe noise and severe pressure fluctuations
1. The suction pipe and oil filter are partially blocked or the inlet oil filter capacity is small. 2. Air is sucked from the suction pipe or shaft seal, or there are air bubbles in the oil 3. The pump and the coupling are not concentric or scratched 4. The accuracy of the gear itself is not high 5. The skeleton oil seal of the CB type gear oil pump is damaged or the inner spring of the skeleton oil seal falls off when the shaft is installed
1. Remove the dirt and make the oil suction pipe unblocked, or use an oil filter with a suitable capacity. 2. Add some oil to the connection or seal. If the noise is reduced, tighten the joint or replace the sealing ring. The oil return pipe should be in Below the oil level, there must be a certain distance from the oil suction pipe. 3. Adjust concentricity to eliminate scratches. 4. Replace gears or refurbish. 5. Check the skeleton oil seal and replace it if it is damaged to avoid inhaling air.
Hydraulic pump rotation is not flexible or seized
1. Axial clearance and radial clearance are too small 2. Poor assembly, CB type cover plate, poor concentricity with the shaft, long shaft spring fixing feet are too long, the quality of needle roller sleeve is too poor 3. Pump and motor The coaxiality of the coupling is not good. 4. The impurities in the oil are sucked into the pump body
1. Repair relevant parts 2. Re-assemble according to requirements 3. Adjust so that the different axis degrees do not exceed 0.2mm 4. Strictly prevent surrounding dust, iron filings and cooling water from entering the oil pool to keep the oil clean.
After continuous development, some powerful manufacturing companies have emerged in the gear pump industry in my country at this stage. They have strong competitiveness in design capabilities, technical processes, production equipment, etc., and the products produced have high technical content, which can be used overseas The market provides supporting services. But on the whole, the number of companies with high-end gear pump production capacity in my country is still small, the market for high-end products is still insufficient, and more sub-sectors are highly dependent on external sources.
With the increasing maturity of the market, the growth rate of my country's gear pump demand has gradually slowed down, coupled with the increase in raw material prices and production costs, making the industry increasingly pressured to survive. In the context of increasing market requirements, the speed of survival of the fittest in my country's gear pump industry Accelerated, many small-scale, backward production capacity, and poor product quality enterprises are gradually eliminated, and the industry structure is gradually optimized, which is conducive to the long-term healthy development of the industry.