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How to use the lawn mower safely Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 21,2020

Lawn mowers are relatively dangerous. If used improperly, they can easily cause personal injury or machine damage. Remind farmers users to pay attention to the following issues when using lawn mowers, and follow the order of the following items and paragraphs.
First, read the instruction manual
Before use, you should read the manual, keep in mind the safety precautions in the manual, master the installation, adjustment, operation and maintenance methods, and understand the scope of application and technical parameters such as supporting power and spindle speed.
Second, installation and adjustment requirements
1. The straw cutter should be placed or fixed on a solid and flat foundation. The work site should be spacious and equipped with fire prevention measures.
2. Select the motor in strict accordance with the matching power and speed specified in the manual. The power cord should use copper conductors of no less than 6 square millimeters. The current value carried by electrical appliances such as power switches, sockets and plugs should not be lower than the rated current of the motor (specifically, follow the motor manual). The power switch should be installed within the operator's range of activities, and generally should not exceed 3 meters from the operator, and there should be no other obstacles between them.
3. Try to use the belt pulley that comes with the grass machine. Do not change the size of the pulley at will, and increase the speed of the straw machine.
4. Adjust the gap between the movable blade and the fixed knife. The gap should be controlled by two printing papers and ensure that there is no rubbing between the movable and the fixed knife. After adjustment, tighten the fastening bolts of each movable blade and fixed blade (if necessary, the method of lengthening the handle of the wrench should be used to increase the degree of tightening). After that, lock the upper case and confirm that it is firm and reliable.
5. Before the motor is installed and the belt is hung, perform a short period of power on, check and confirm that the rotation direction of the motor (driving wheel) is the same as the specified cutter wheel rotation (it is strictly forbidden to run the straw machine in reverse), and then hang the belt. And adjust to make it moderately tight.
6. Install belt protection cover, grass feeding bucket and other accessories. Add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the gearboxes, bearings and other parts that need to be lubricated.
Third, preparation and inspection requirements before operation
Before each operation, the following preparations and inspections should be carried out in sequence. Only after confirming that they meet the requirements, can the grass work be carried out.
①Pour proper amount of lubricating oil into each oil hole. ②Check whether the gap between the moving and fixed knives meets the requirements. If problems are found, they should be adjusted according to regulations. ③Check whether there are cracks in the cutter wheel, blade, frame, etc. If any problem is found, replace the parts. ④Check whether the fasteners of the blade and other parts are tightened and deal with the problems in time. ⑤Check whether the upper case is locked and securely and securely lock it if any problems are found. ⑥Turn on the power and run dry for 2 to 5 minutes, check whether the rotation direction of the straw machine is the same as the specified direction (do not open the upper case at this time), observe whether the whole machine is running smoothly, if there is abnormal sound and vibration, and stop if there is any problem Exclude afterwards. ⑦Check whether the adjustment of the shifting handle is flexible and whether the shifting is accurate and reliable. If the problem is found, stop the machine and eliminate it. ⑧ Check whether there are any hard objects such as metals and stones in the straw to be cut.
Fourth, job requirements
1. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to remove the belt protection cover and grass feeding bucket. It is strictly forbidden to make and replace the grass feeding bucket with safety protection size less than 55 cm. It is strictly forbidden to open the upper casing.
2. Those who have not mastered the safety rules of the straw machine are not allowed to work alone.
3. It is strictly forbidden for minors and those who have been spilled, sick or overly fatigued to start operation.
4. When feeding, hold the second half of the straw with both hands and release the hands in time after sending the first half to the feeding port. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the grass feeding mouth.
5. Control the feeding amount. The feeding amount should be uniform and not too much. When it is found that the rotation speed of the straw machine is reduced, the sound becomes loud, or the output is uneven, and the throwing distance is obviously reduced, it means that the feeding amount is too much and should be reduced in time.
6. If an abnormality occurs during operation, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and it is strictly forbidden to check and troubleshoot while the machine is running.
7. When stopping the haymaking operation, the haymaking machine should continue to run dry for 2 to 3 minutes, and the materials in the machine should be blown out. After stopping, adjust the shifting handle to the "stop" position.
Five, maintenance requirements
1. The straw cutter should be stored in the warehouse as much as possible, and the outdoor storage should be protected from rain and moisture to avoid rust.
2. When replacing the moving and fixed blade fastening bolts, high-strength bolts must be used instead of ordinary fasteners.
3. The blades of moving and fixed blades should be sharp and sharpened frequently.
4. The bearings should be cleaned and greased every six months.
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