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In Theory, The Life Of Diesel Engines Is Very Long. In Real Life, The Life Of Diesel Engines Is Shorter Than That Of Gasoline Engines? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 07,2020

Recently I have seen many netizens discuss this issue, but in fact this theory itself is wrong. The working principle of a diesel engine is that the cylinder pressure is a lot higher than that of a gasoline engine. At the same time, there are many high-pressure devices, including the plunger in the diesel high-pressure pump. Since it is a high-pressure device, it means that the working conditions are poor and the material requirements are Higher.

As for the cylinder assembly, the greater the pressure, the greater the impact on the piston and piston ring, the greater the impact on the crankshaft and the bearing...

Aside from the advantages and disadvantages of energy utilization, cost-effectiveness ratio and power output, if we only talk about their material composition and working conditions, then the life of diesel engines is indeed inferior to gasoline engines.

In addition, because diesel engines are mainly used to produce electricity, they have high frequency of use, poor working environment, and poor maintenance conditions. Various reasons cause diesel engines to last less than gasoline engines.

The value of high-power diesel engines ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. It is suitable for mining machinery, generators and ship power.

However, many people believe that, compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines, in addition to noise and vibration, crush gasoline engines in other aspects.

In the past, the diesel engines of those customers were in a bad working environment. They were running day and night, and they lost tens of thousands of yuan in maintenance and repair a day. Shipments were often shipped by air, and they had to be installed as soon as possible.

I often encounter models from the 1980s and 1990s who are still buying accessories. A well-maintained machine is normal after more than ten years. You can imagine if it is running at a speed of 120 days and nights on a truck. How many miles should be converted in several years? In the end, many machines were replaced only because of factors such as fuel consumption and emissions.

The surface of the diesel engine looks awkward and rough, as if it feels very simple, and the workmanship is very casual. But in fact, it is not that simple to do a diesel engine well. You may not know that its core technology is called a high-pressure fuel injection system, which is difficult to accomplish. The heavy-duty diesel vehicle market in our country has always been monopolized by some foreign brands. It has only gradually improved in recent years.

Almost all important social production areas that require efficiency and reliability, such as troops, energy, mining, ships, trucks, etc., use diesel engines. Therefore, ordinary people in my country do not have much diesel availability, and it is impossible to develop diesel cars like in Europe.

What is the theoretical life of a diesel engine? The life of the engine is more related to the design. When the designer is designing, if the calculation margin is sufficient, then the service life of the design will be greatly improved. However, the service life of the design does not mean that the engine does not need maintenance. Being maintained, this has also led to the problem of deviations in the life span that many people understand. In fact, the replacement of piston and cylinder liners is a maintenance work, and the engine also needs to be repaired. Of course, many modern diesel engines can run millions of kilometers of maintenance-free mileage. This only shows that the material technology has made great progress many years ago. In addition, the use environment of vehicles has also undergone great changes. The engine load on the road is generally much lower. Therefore, the use environment is also very important.

The history of the diesel engine is longer than that of the gasoline engine, and the history of the development of the gasoline engine is shorter. Therefore, its performance in all aspects may be inferior to the diesel engine. Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines do not need to go through a high-pressure ignition system, with simple structure, mature technology and higher reliability. Therefore, the repair and maintenance costs of diesel vehicles are also relatively low, allowing vehicle owners to save more money. However, due to the poor volatility of diesel and the higher flash point and lower self-ignition point of diesel, in terms of safety, diesel cars are better than gasoline cars. In addition, the diesel engine has a low speed, the parts are not easy to age, and the wear is slower than that of a gasoline engine, so from the original version, the life of the diesel engine will be slightly longer. Generally speaking, a diesel engine can reach 1 million kilometers without major repairs, while a gasoline engine driving 400,000 kilometers requires a major repair.

Regarding the life span of normal maintenance, the life span of a diesel engine and a gasoline engine is incomparable, and there is no comparison at all. The life span of a diesel engine is longer than that of a gasoline engine. In rural areas, tractors in the 70s and 80s can still run normally, you have seen Is the gasoline engine of the same generation?

Theoretically speaking, long service life is used in the best working environment. In reality, diesel engines always give people the impression of being realistic. Therefore, the working environment can be imagined. Refueling is also a very poor one. Most of the vehicles with diesel engines are heavily loaded. The overload phenomenon is so common. The working condition of small horse-drawn carts makes the machine always overloaded. In addition, diesel engine maintenance is generally not timely. Small repairs and major repairs are directly scrapped. On the whole, the service life is short.