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Cordless string trimmers come with a variety of cutting lines Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 14,2022

If you want to get rid of unwanted grass and weeds in your garden, then it is important to buy a cordless string trimmer. A good one will have a long-lasting battery and a powerful motor. A brushless motor provides high torque, which allows the string to move at a faster pace. Battery life is also important, and you want to ensure that the trimmer has a lithium-ion battery that will last for a long time.

A good cordless trimmer will have two speeds and variable trigger controls so you can adjust speed according to your needs. A powerful trimmer will also have an extended pole so you can reach further. Lastly, a cordless trimmer should have a long battery life, and be lightweight.

Cordless string trimmers are an excellent way to cut tall grass in a short amount of time. Their high torque and long cutting swath allow them to cut grass as thick as 13 inches. They also feature automatic string feeds. They can also be converted to edgers.

Cordless string trimmers come with a variety of cutting lines. Some are star or square-shaped while others have serrated lines. Sharper lines are safer because they cut the grass more effectively and reduce the chances of ripping. In addition, a serrated line cuts through thicker grass and weeds with less effort. Both types of cutting line have safety features, and they are located on the most accessible side of the trimmer. These safeguards divert potentially-injury-causing projectiles away from the user.