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How to extend the life of the brush cutter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Feb 16,2022

The new brush cutter machine must be run in for 1 hour before use (generally, after the tank is full, it can be used up at idle speed). When the brush cutter is run in for 20-30 minutes, turn off the flame for 5-10 minutes. This can ensure the full cooperation of the cylinder body and the piston, and prolong the service life of the machine.

The air filter element of the brush cutter should be checked frequently. If the air filter element is used for too long or the use environment is too poor, it is easy to cause the air permeability of the filter element to decrease and cause the machine to malfunction. The sponge filter element can be cleaned with soapy water or replaced regularly, and the paper filter element should be replaced directly.
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The main reasons for the overheating of the brush cutter engine are: the fuel ratio does not meet the regulations; improper adjustment of the carburetor causes the inhaled mixture to be too lean; the cylinder cooling fins are blocked; the muffler has serious carbon deposits. In addition, overloading for a long time can easily cause overheating and difficulty in starting.

The main reasons for the insufficient power of the brush cutter are: the air filter or the air intake is blocked; there is water in the fuel; the spark plug, crankcase sealing surface, piston ring or cylinder sealing surface leaks air; improper adjustment of the carburetor, mixed gas Too thin or too thick. In addition, spark plug ignition timing too early or too late will also cause the brush cutter to underpower.

Turn on the circuit switch of the brush cutter, place the spark plug electrode close to the metal parts of the engine, quickly pull the starter assembly, and observe whether the spark plug flashes; Assembly, observe whether the flashover. If it flashes, the spark plug is bad, replace the spark plug; if it does not flash, the magneto is bad, replace or repair it.