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How to improve the life of lawn mowers? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 06,2022

Lawn mowers are all air-cooled. After the machine uses a tank of oil, the temperature of its casing and muffler is very high. If the machine is stopped and refueled, it may cause a fire. Therefore, it should be cooled for 15 minutes before refueling. In addition, every time a tank of oil is used for cooling, lower the temperature of the machine body before running, which is beneficial to reduce the wear and tear of the machine. Because continuous high temperature operation will reduce the life of the machine. At the same time, keeping the cabinet clean, the quality of the oil and the appropriate amount can control the increase in the temperature of the machine, which is also a necessary means to improve the life of the machine.

(1) Why can't the lawn mower cut grass on the slope?
It is forbidden to cut grass when the slope exceeds 15o. Because it exceeds this slope, the mount may overturn and cause personal injury. It is also extremely difficult to control the balance with the walking lawn mower, and it is easy to slip and fall. The slope is less than 15. On the slopes, the mount type can only be used up and down along the slope, and the walking lawn mower can only be used back and forth along the horizontal line of the slope. This is because the gasoline engine of lawn mower is splash lubrication. After a certain slope, the oil will tilt to one side, so that the splash wheel cannot get the oil, which will affect the lubrication effect and severely wear and destroy the machine.

(2) Why can't the lawn be cut when there is water after rain or watering?
1) When there is water on the lawn, people may slip and fall when cutting the grass, causing an accident.
2) When the lawn is trimmed, the leaves of the grass will have sores. If there is water, the chance of infection will increase. Therefore, for personnel safety and lawn safety, please do not mow grass when there is water on the lawn.
3) Cutting grass when there is water in the lawn will make it difficult for the lawn mower to arrange or gather grass, and the grass clippings will stick to the cutter head, which will affect the cutting of the grass.
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(3) Why does the walking lawn mower have a safety control handle?
The safety control handle of the lawn mower controls the flywheel brake device and the ignition coil ceasefire switch. Press and hold the safety control handle to release the flywheel brake device; disconnect the ceasefire switch, and the gasoline can start and run. On the contrary, if the safety control handle is released, the flywheel will be braked, the ignition coil ceasefire switch will be connected, and the gasoline engine will stop and be braked. That is, the machine can operate normally only by pressing the safety control handle, otherwise it will stop. Therefore, during operation, the safety control handle must not be tied with a wire. At the same time, when an emergency occurs during operation, just let go of the safety control handle.

(4) Why does the lawn mower use a large throttle when cutting grass?
Rotary-knife lawnmowers rely on the high-speed rotation of the blade to cut the grass. If the linear speed of the blade tip is not enough, the effect of cutting the grass is not good. Therefore, use high throttle and high speed when cutting grass. In addition, the carburetor and automatic speed control device of the lawn mower make its fuel consumption not high at high throttle such as no load. Only when it has a load, its speed will reach from at no load. Therefore, You don't need to use a small throttle because you want to save fuel, and the grass cutting effect is not good.