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How to maintain common garden machinery in winter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 09,2022

In the cold winter, when the commonly used garden machinery is stored for more than 30 days:
First, drain the fuel in the tank and start the gasoline engine until it stops due to exhaustion;
Secondly, in the hot engine state just stopped, first drain the oil in the crankcase, and then add new oil to the appropriate scale according to the recommended grade;
Third, remove the spark plug, drip 5-10 ml of oil into the cylinder block, turn the crankshaft several times, and install the spark plug;
Fourth, clean the dust and debris around the cutter head, body, cylinder block, cylinder head heat sink, air guide cover, grille and muffler;
Fifth, save.

Muffler emits blue smoke
The above failure is caused by the combustion of organic oil. Check the oil dipstick first to see if the oil is excessive. In case of excess, drain off excess oil and run for ten minutes. If the fault is still not eliminated, the engine needs to be overhauled.

Difficulty starting the engine
The above failure is caused by the stuffy oil in the combustion chamber. If you encounter this fault, you should unscrew the spark plug and dry it (pay attention to prevent scalding), then pull the starting rope several times, then put the spark plug back in, and start the engine.

Lawn mower is weak
Remove the air filter for cleaning, if it cannot be cleaned, replace it. Check that the blade is sharp, if it is dull it needs to be sharpened. In addition, whether the lawn has thick leaves, and if so, the size of the cut should be increased to reduce the load on the engine.

Too much gas
The oil lubricates the various parts of the machine in the cylinder block. The oil splash wheel continuously splashes the oil to clean, lubricate and cool all parts of the machine. If too much oil is added, it will cause A lot of emulsification and air bubbles, and at the same time, the oil can not be splashed, so that it can not play a role in lubrication, which increases the temperature of the cylinder block. Therefore, the lawnmower should not be overfilled with oil during use. There are generally several reasons for the difficulty in starting the lawn mower engine. What are the corresponding measures? The difficulty in starting the engine is a relatively complex problem. It must be considered from the three aspects of oil, gas and electricity, because these conditions are necessary for the engine to work. Less.

First, the poor spark discharge effect of the spark plug is one reason, and the spark plug gap needs to be adjusted or a new spark plug needs to be replaced; second, the ignition sine caused by the sine gear and the magneto is inaccurate, which requires disassembly of the engine for re-adjustment; The gasoline that meets the specifications or the gasoline is deteriorated and impure, and the gasoline must be replaced at this time; another possibility is that the air intake is difficult due to the blockage of the air filter, and the air filter is required to be cleaned and replaced in time.