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How to use the fruit tree sprayer safely? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 15,2021

The sprayer is suitable for the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests in forests, nurseries, orchards and tea gardens, the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests of cotton, wheat, rice, corn and other field crops and large areas of grasslands, and the prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests of plants in garden flowers, vegetable gardens and greenhouses in cities and suburbs. .

1. First use. After the user has been trained, when using the sprayer for the first time, he must be familiar with the operation and maintenance instruction manual of the sprayer to figure out the performance of the machine and the precautions for use. The oil of the new sprayer should be changed after 5 hours of use.

2. Start. Before starting, close the water outlet valve, open the unloading handle to make it in a pressure relief state, and adjust the pressure of the high-pressure pump to a lower level. To start the engine in a cold state, the throttle should be closed first, and the throttle should be opened to the starting position or higher, and then the throttle should be opened at an appropriate time after starting. When the engine is warming up, the damper can be opened to start.

3. Personal safety protection. Wear long trousers, long boots, and wear masks, gloves, and protective glasses when spraying drugs to prevent poisoning.

4. Fight medicine. Open the water outlet valve, and adjust the high-pressure pump to the required pressure, and spray at a uniform speed. It is recommended that the continuous working time of the sprayer should not exceed 4 hours.

5. Clean up and check. Clean the medicine barrel to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the remaining medicine from the last spray. Check the oil level of the engine, not below the standard scale, and the color is normal, and the viscosity is appropriate. Check the lubricating oil level of the high-pressure pump, and it cannot be lower than the scale line. Check whether the gasoline is sufficient and the air filter is clean. Whether the various fixing screws are tightened, whether the length of the high-pressure pipe is sufficient, and whether there is any damage.