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How to use the lawn mower? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 24,2021

Lawn mower is a special tool used for mowing grass, plant communities and other mechanical equipment. It improves our quality of life and provides great convenience for our food, clothing, shelter and transportation. It can undertake the functions of tillage and sweeping, transportation, traction belt, raking, tillage and weeding. Weeding neatly, cutting and trimming neatly, adjust the amount of up and down, front and back, left and right without effort. From now on, there is no need to back straight to work, and all people of all ages can apply. Replace the corresponding CNC blades, install the left and right pads and protective covers, plant bushes, green fodder, cattail sticks and tea treetop trimming and flower bed trimming.

It is composed of a main shaft, a car engine, a traveling wheel, a lifting mechanism, a cutter head, a guardrail and operating parts. Don't make a lawn mower for a long time in the hot and cold season, pay attention to reasonable rest. Do a good job of maintenance of the lawn mower before and after application.
A40GC16B01 16inch Cordless Lawn Mower
Before weeding, be sure to remove dirt from the weeding area. Check the lubricating oil level of the car engine, the total amount of car gasoline, the characteristics of the air filter, the tightness of the screws, the tightness and sharpness of the cutter head. When the cooler starts the car engine, the intake valve must be closed first, and the pressure fuel pump will open the accelerator pedal to high for more than 3 times, and open the intake valve in time after starting. Operators should note that before weeding, they should step all over the grass to remove dirt such as stones, cables, and tree technology. Ensure detailed safety devices and grass protection covers for all safety components. If the safety device is damaged or lost, or the control panel becomes more and more blurred.