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Lawn Mower Safety Operation Regulations Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 07,2020

1. When mowing the grass, you are not allowed to go barefoot or wear sandals. Generally, you should wear work clothes and work shoes.
2. Familiar with the operation process, carefully read the lawn mower instructions, know that in an emergency, turn off the engine in time.
3. Make sure there are no sticks, stones, wires and other debris on the grass, so as not to throw them up and hurt people by the blade of the lawn mower.
4. When checking or servicing the lawn mower, be sure to turn off the engine and remove the spark plug cover.
5. Check all parts carefully before use to ensure that the mower blade is firmly connected to the mower. It is necessary to replace old and damaged blades or screws in complete sets to avoid unstable operation of the machine. Damaged blades and screws are very dangerous.
6. Check all nuts, screws and screws frequently
7. Only add fuel outdoors and before starting the engine. Do not smoke when refueling the engine. When the engine is running or the temperature is high, do not remove the fuel tank cap or refuel. If the fuel spills, do not start the engine, but place the lawn mower away from the oil stains until the fuel evaporates to avoid fire.
8. If there are people, especially children or pets, in the mowing area, do not mow the lawn.
9. Mowing the grass when the weather is good.
10. When starting the engine, keep your feet away from the blade of the mower.
11. Do not use the machine in a place where the exhaust gas is not smooth to avoid pollution of exhaust gas (carbon monoxide).
12. As long as you leave the lawnmower, turn off the engine.
13. Do not let children or people who are not familiar with the machine use the lawn mower.
14. The machine should be placed in a well-ventilated room and away from open flames.
15. Do not adjust the governor artificially to make the engine speed too high.
16. Wear eye protection when operating the lawn mower.
17. Reduce the throttle after cutting the grass. When the engine is not in use, turn off the fuel switch.
18. The oil should be stored in a container specially used for oil and placed in a cool place. Generally do not use plastic containers.
19. In one of the following situations, turn off the engine, remove the spark plug cover and check the lawn mower:
(1) Abnormal vibration of the lawn mower (2) Touching foreign objects
20. Do not mow the grass when walking backwards.
21. Turn off the engine when the cart passes through gravel lanes, sidewalks, or roads.
22. When working, push the lawn mower forward slowly and not move too fast.
23. When mowing the grass on a sloping field, it must not be high and low. Be especially careful when turning on slopes. Do not mow grass on very steep slopes.
24. Do not lift or move the lawn mower while mowing the lawn.
25. The grass clippings in the collection bag should be cleaned up in time and shut down for cleaning; and the grass clippings should be stacked in the designated place.