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What are the functions of lawn mowers? Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 26,2021

The lawn mower is a kind of lawn grooming machine used in gardens. It can clean up dead grass and weeds. In the landscaping, you find that the lawns in various places or the lawns in the garden are all green grass, all of the same height, and there will be signs: no stepping, etc. Such lawns need to be repaired manually. Just use lawn mowers, brush cutters and so on. After cleaning the dead grass and weeds, the density of the lawn is reduced, and it is also good for the growth of the grass. The grass can be repaired when it grows taller. It can be trimmed with a machine to make it the same height. This way the lawn will look more beautiful.
After the lawn grows for half a year, part of the grass blades at the bottom are covered by other grass blades, which will not participate in photosynthesis, which will easily cause the whole lawn to wither. Over time, it will be mildewed and rot, some of which will become organic fertilizer, and some will breed mold, resulting in the entire lawn Withered, at this time, if only spraying medicine can not cure the cause, the withered grass should be combed out in time.
Under the action of mechanical centrifugal force, the movable blade of the grooming machine can effectively remove the withered grass layer and enhance the disease resistance of the lawn. After the lawn is combed, the lawn density can be appropriately reduced, the ventilation of the lawn can be improved, and the healthy growth of the lawn can be promoted.
The role of the lawn root cutter: it can cut the grass rush, promote the development of new grass stems, and accelerate the renewal of the lawn.
Preparation before operation: clean up the site, pick out the debris in the lawn, and mark the location of the sprinkler. If the soil is too dry, water the lawn, and start the operation when the soil is soft enough.
Precautions for use: Adjust the cutter head before work, and control the depth of the cutter head into the soil to 2-3 cm to ensure the effect. Before the power connection of the working cutter head, the handle should be pressed down. When the cutter head rotates normally, lift the handle and push it forward with a little force, so as not to damage the lawn at the starting point.