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What are the solutions for the failure of the gasoline engine of garden machinery to start? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 24,2022

The failure of the gasoline engine to start may be caused by the failure of the fuel system, the circuit system and the insufficient compression force of the cylinder. Generally, these three faults do not exist at the same time. Therefore, when a machine cannot be started, first determine the fault, determine which system the fault is in, and then take measures.

①Turn the starter wheel by hand first. When it turns over the top dead center, it feels more laborious, and after turning the top dead center, the starter wheel can automatically turn through a larger angle, indicating that the compression is normal. For new machines or after overhaul Compression is generally good.

② There is no explosive sound in the cylinder when starting, the exhaust pipe exhaust is weak, and the exhausted gas is dry and odorless. This phenomenon mostly indicates the problem of the oil circuit system. Check whether the fuel tank switch is turned on, the amount of fuel in the fuel tank, and whether the oil line joint is loose. Press the carburetor enrichment lever a few times to see if there is oil flowing out. When it is found that the above parts are normal and still cannot be started, you can pour gasoline into the spark chamber hole to restart. If it still does not start or the smoke is occasionally extinguished after a few times, it means that the measuring hole in the carburetor may be blocked. Remove the float chamber, take off the measuring hole and use it to blow or clean it smoothly. Never use a metal wire to pass through it. measuring hole.

③ When starting, there is no explosive sound or explosive sound in the cylinder. The carburetor or muffler is tempered and fired, and the gas discharged from the muffler is moist and smells of gasoline. Most of the above phenomena are faults in the circuit system. If there is no explosion, first remove the spark chamber, place the spark chamber on the spark plug shield on the high-voltage line, and contact the electrode on the side of the spark chamber with the metal part of the machine. Quickly turn the wheel to start the wheel to see if there is any blue spark jump. However, if not, check each part of the circuit separately. For the old machine, if the circuit and oil circuit are normal and still cannot be started, it can be further judged whether the compression pressure is too small. At this time, you can remove the spark plug and pour a small amount of oil into the cylinder, and then install the spark plug. If it can catch fire, it means that the cylinder compression is not good, you should disassemble the cylinder head, check whether the cylinder gasket is damaged, and take down the cylinder to check whether the piston rings and cylinder are excessively worn.

④ All parts are in good condition. Because the starting ambient temperature is too low and the machine is too cold, the gasoline is not easy to be atomized, and it is not easy to start.

⑤If the pipeline is not tightly connected, there is less oil and more gas, or the air filter is blocked with more oil and less gas, it will not be easy to start.

⑥ The direction skills of the starting rope and the starting speed also have an impact on whether it can be started.

⑦ When starting, if the opening of the inner door is not appropriate, it will not be easy to start.