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What does the sprayer do? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 02,2022

The sprayer can be used for pest control of farm crops and epidemic prevention of livestock farms and various storage and transportation warehouses. It is also suitable for disinfection and epidemic prevention projects to improve the urban environment. Such as; residential buildings, villas, office buildings, schools, canteens, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, feed factories, warehouses, vegetable farms, supermarkets, garbage disposal and filling areas, underground ditches and sewers, streets, jungle areas, cattle farms, chicken raising It can be used in various places such as farms, forestry trees such as pig farms, pest control in agriculture, and places with many pests such as farms to prevent infectious diseases.

It is easy to start, compact in structure, convenient in transportation, long in range, good in atomization effect, large in operation range, unique in liquid return agitator, good in spraying effect, easy in maintenance and long in service life. Product features: complete product functions, front tire tubeless tires, rear tires with brakes, high work efficiency, push-pull walking freely; high power, automatic mixing of medicines; scope of application: spraying in fields, orchards, flower gardens, nurseries, vegetable greenhouses, tea gardens, lawns, etc. control of pests and diseases, water pumping and sprinkler irrigation, etc.

Sprayer features:
1: High power, low fuel consumption, strong pressure, uniform atomization, and high/long range;
2: It can be operated by multiple people at the same time, with high efficiency, less medication, strong adhesion, and lower prevention and control costs;
3: Simple to operate, safe to use and easy to maintain.

The height of the self-propelled three-wheel sprayer is adjustable, and the optimal spraying height can be adjusted according to the height of the crops in different growth periods. The rear wheel base is adjustable, and the walking width of the rear wheel can be adjusted according to the different planting row spacing of dry crops, which can greatly reduce the damage and damage to the crops during work. Using imported nozzles and special spraying system, the mist particles are fine and the atomization is uniform, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of pesticides and the scope of application. Using a variety of clutch control methods, it can realize individual control of starting, walking, spraying and other actions. It can be used for atomization spraying, DC cleaning, and water jet spraying, which is especially suitable.