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What is the operating procedure of chainsaw Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 20,2020

1. Before operation, check whether the various performances of the chainsaw are good, whether the safety devices are complete and meet the operational safety requirements.
2. Check that the saw blade should not have cracks, and all screws of the electric saw should be tightened.
3. Wear protective glasses during operation. Stand on the side of the saw blade. It is forbidden to stand on the same line as the saw blade. Arms must not cross the saw blade.
4. The feed must be close to the backing, not too hard, and push slowly in case of hard knots. Receiving material needs to be 15cm saw blade. Don't pull it by hand.
5. Short and narrow materials should be processed with push rods, and planer hooks should be used for receiving materials. Wood that exceeds the radius of the saw blade is prohibited from being sawed.
6. The power saw should be cut off for maintenance.
7. For safety reasons, the saw blade must be removed after use.
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