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Use and maintenance of lawn mowers Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 07,2021

With the development of the times, people’s awareness of environmental protection has increased, and the use of lawn mowers has become more and more widespread, but there are also many people who do not understand the use and maintenance methods of lawn mowers, so let’s introduce to you:
1. Before the lawn mower cuts the grass, the debris in the mowing area must be removed to avoid damage to the cutting head and blades. To start the engine in a cold state, close the damper first, and then open the damper at an appropriate time after starting. If the turf area is too large. The continuous working time of the lawn mower should not exceed 4 hours.
2. After the lawn mower is used, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and all screws should be checked for tightness, the blades are not damaged, and the high-pressure cap should be inspected and repaired according to the service life of the lawnmower. Strengthen the inspection or replacement of vulnerable parts.
Maintenance method
1. Maintenance of engine oil Every time you use the lawn mower, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scales of the oil dipstick. The oil should be changed after the new machine is used for 5 hours, and the oil should be changed again after 10 hours of use, and then the oil should be changed regularly according to the requirements of the manual. The oil change should be carried out when the engine is in a warm state. Do not add too much oil, otherwise there will be: black smoke, insufficient power (excessive carbon deposits in the cylinder, small spark plug gap). Phenomenon such as engine overheating. The oil should not be too little, otherwise it will appear: the engine gear is noisy, and the piston ring wears and damages at an accelerated rate. Even the phenomenon of Lava caused serious damage to the engine.
2. Maintenance of the air filter, before and after each use, check whether the air filter is dirty, and wash it frequently. If it is too dirty, the engine will be difficult to start, black smoke, and insufficient power. If the filter element is paper, you can remove the filter element and dust off the dust attached to it; if the filter element is spongy, it can be cleaned with gasoline, and some lubricating oil should be properly dropped on the filter element to keep the filter element moist. Conducive to the adsorption of dust.
3. Maintenance of the radiator The main function of the radiator is noise reduction and heat dissipation. When the lawn mower is working, the flying grass clippings will adhere to the radiator, which will affect its heat dissipation function. In severe cases, it will cause the cylinder to be pulled and damage the engine. Therefore, carefully clean the radiator after each use of the lawn mower. On the sundries.