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What are the characteristics of the sprayer? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 25,2021

The sprayer can be used for the prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests, livestock farms, and various storage and transportation warehouses. It is also suitable for disinfection and epidemic prevention projects to improve the urban environment.
1. The smoke particles are small, and the oil is resistant to rain erosion, the efficacy is long-lasting, and the control effect is good. The rainy weather has little effect on the sprayed smoke.
2. The diameter of the fog particles produced by the sprayer is very small. As we all know, the pesticide fog particles are small and the control effect is good. Various experiments have proved that the penetration of smoke can be described as pervasive, and it can kill pests in dense tree canopies and even bark crevices.
3. The smoke particles are small and have multi-directional deposition characteristics. It is advantageous for the fog particles to deposit on the front and back of the branches and leaves and in all directions of the insect body. The deposition rate is higher on small objects, such as the antennae and hairs of insects. This is for prevention and control. One of the reasons for the good effect of pests.
4. The particle size of the smoke is small, and the number of fog particles is also large. Experiments have proved that the greater the number of fog particles per unit area, the better the control effect. A large number of fog particles are diffused and evenly distributed in the space, which greatly increases the chance of contact with germs and pests, which is beneficial to improve the control effect. This advantage is remarkable when preventing and controlling in the room (shed).
5. The smoke diffuses and spreads in the space, and is suspended, which is particularly effective in killing flying insects. The prevention and control of rubber has achieved very good effects on powdery mildew and anthracnose. One of the reasons is that the spores of the pathogenic bacteria are spread through the air. Reproductive ability, so as to obtain a good control effect.