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What are the classifications of brush cutters? Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 14,2021

Brush cutters can be divided into two types: side-mounted and back-mounted. The hook on the backrest belt of the side-mounted brush cutter is hung on the side of the operator, and the machine is operated by holding the handle with both hands. The crankshaft of the engine of this brush cutter is located on the same straight line with the drive shaft, and the power is transmitted to the reducer through the centrifugal clutch and rigid shaft to drive the working parts to rotate for operation, so it is also called the hard shaft brush cutter. The centrifugal clutch plays the role of power transmission and safety protection.
The other is the back-type brush cutter: the engine and the belt deceleration device of the back-type brush cutter are installed on the frame and carried by the back strap. The power of the engine drives the working parts through the centrifugal clutch, reducer, steel wire soft shaft and bearing frame, so it is called the soft shaft brush cutter. When working with the flexible shaft brush cutter, the operator needs to hold the handle with his hand and manipulate the working parts. The angle between the drive shaft and the blade of the machine can be adjusted to suit operators of different heights and work on different slopes. The engine cylinder of this machine is generally upside down, and the spark plug is in the lower part of the device. When starting, this configuration is likely to cause the spark plug electrode to accumulate gasoline (called "drowning"), and the engine cannot be started. In order to eliminate the fault, always remove the spark plug and pull the flywheel with the starter rope to remove the excess gasoline in the cylinder. At this time, the gasoline that splashes the spark plug close to the ground should not be injected, because at this time, if the spark plug is grounded, the flywheel magneto will be twitched. Electric sparks are generated, and as long as the mixing ratio of gasoline and air reaches an appropriate value, it will ignite and burn, causing a fire accident.
Due to the difference in structure, the two machines have different usage characteristics. Users should choose the appropriate model according to the working object and usage conditions, and master the essentials of its operation through practical use. Attention should be paid when using: it is strictly prohibited to stand near the sawing parts when the machine is started, and the machine is not allowed to work at high throttle for a long time. Fire prevention measures should be taken when working in the vicinity of oil depots or in flammable mountain areas in forest areas. All attention should be paid. In short, the safe use of brush cutters should be done in many ways to achieve the desired results.