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What are the development characteristics of garden tools and equipment? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 14,2020

Machine tool design and manufacturing technology are also constantly evolving. The development of garden tools and equipment has the following characteristics:
(1) Develop high-productivity machinery and equipment: In order to improve the labor productivity of gardening operations, garden hanging baskets must be used to increase the productivity of operating machinery and equipment. Therefore, in production, there are more working machinery and equipment matched with high-power tractors, the working width of the machinery and equipment is correspondingly enlarged, and the working speed of the machine is generally increased.
(2) Development of joint operation machinery and equipment: For joint operation garden mobile flower tray racking machine, it means that one machine can complete two or more operation items at the same time in one trip. Many garden machinery and equipment have the function of a combined operation machine, such as lawn loosening and fertilizing machines. In this way, you can give full play to the power of the machine, save time and improve productivity.
(3) Development of multi-purpose machinery and equipment: This is to convert a piece of machinery and equipment to garden children's tools for a variety of operations, such as installing a bucket, lifting hook or digging bit on the movable bone of the excavator; The brush cutter can be installed in different work gears, which can cut shrubs, cut grass, and can also be equipped with a small water pump to pump water. In this way, multiple operations can be completed with one host, which improves the utilization rate of the machine and reduces operating costs.
(4) Development of small power machinery and equipment: The construction and management of the green space next to the house is wide and large, mostly by residents. It requires a large number of portable or backpack-type small power machinery and equipment with simple structure, reliable performance and beautiful appearance. They can complete various operations such as digging, loosening, pruning, blowing, and sprinkling irrigation. These small mechanical equipment are generally developed towards miniaturization, and have the characteristics of easy starting, noise, and less pollution.
(5) Development of factory production: Factory production is conducive to the automation and electrification of the production process, which can shorten the production cycle and increase labor productivity, ensuring that high-quality garden products are provided to the market.
(6) Adopt advanced science and technology: With the development of modern science and technology, more and more pneumatic transmission and hydraulic transmission will be used in garden machinery and equipment, and electronic technology, computers and various sensors will be used to realize the work on the machine. Characteristic detection and control.
(7) The use of new materials and new processes: such as the use of polyethylene and polypropylene to manufacture medicine tanks, pipes and valves, etc., to avoid corrosion of parts, reduce weight, simplify the process, and reduce costs.