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What are the garden machinery and equipment? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 24,2021

Generally, the garden machinery that we all know refers to chain saws, edge cutters, trimmers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, lawn mowers, high branch machines, leaf suction machines, lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, etc. for landscaping , Machinery and equipment for garden construction and garden maintenance. Garden machinery is a general term. Actually, the following types of machines are mainly used in this industry: lawn mowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, digging machines, etc.
Lawn mower (brush cutter)
Presumably lawn mowers are the most familiar type of garden equipment. Lawn mowers are also called brush cutters, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, etc. The lawn mower is a mechanical tool used for mowing lawns, vegetation, etc. It is composed of a cutter head, an engine, a walking wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail, and a control part. The cutter head is installed on the traveling wheel, the cutter head is equipped with an engine, and the output shaft of the engine is equipped with a blade. The blade uses the high-speed rotation of the engine to increase the speed a lot, saving the weeding worker's working time and reducing a lot of human resources. Therefore, in life, we often see gardeners use lawn mowers to mow the lawn. In fact, the existence of large-scale gardens can not only make the environment more beautiful, but also play a role in beautifying the environment, and lawn mowers are just responsible for landscaping. It can be called the "landscaping engineer" in the process of landscaping.
Hedgerow machine
Hedge trimmers are also known as hedge trimmers, which are suitable for professional pruning of fruit trees, tea pruning, parks, gardens, roadside hedges and other landscaping. It is a kind of garden machinery that specializes in beautifying vegetation. The main pruning objects are trees and plants such as boxwood and holly. According to the different shapes of plant trimming, hedge trimmers are divided into double toughness and single toughness, while single toughness hedge trimmers mainly trim wall-shaped hedgerows, and double-tough hedge trimmers mainly trim spherical hedgerows, so we see all kinds of beautiful shapes in the garden. The hedgerows are actually made by hedge trimmers. They are really an artist among garden machinery and equipment.
Chain saw (chain saw)
Chain saw, also known as chain saw, is a portable saw powered by a gasoline engine. It is mainly used for logging and lumbering. Its working principle is to cut through the transverse movement of the interlaced L-shaped blades on the saw chain. Chain saws (chain saws) are generally divided into motorized chain saws, non-motorized chain saws and so on. It is a kind of garden machinery used for cutting trees. Because many trees have many branches and vines, it sometimes causes other ground vegetation in the garden to not get enough sunlight. At the same time, the excess branches and vines will also touch other trees, which affects the beauty. Therefore, in order to reduce the excess branches and vines, the chain saw comes in handy. Generally, the chain saw with short guide plate is used for intermittent branch pruning, and the chain saw with long guide plate is used for felling trees.
Earth auger (digging machine)
When it comes to earth augers, the first thing everyone thinks of is the application in construction and other projects. In fact, it has a very wide range of uses. It is widely used in sloping, sandy, and hard soil seedling landscaping projects, planting, digging, and digging. Unearthed from the periphery of big trees; digging holes in fences; fertilizing and digging holes in fruit trees and forests; cultivating and weeding in landscaping projects. Powerful and powerful, beautiful appearance, comfortable operation, low labor intensity, suitable for various terrains, high efficiency, easy to carry and field operations. Take tree planting as an example. Everyone knows that in gardens, the amount of trees planted is very large. If workers dig pits with bare hands alone, work efficiency is not only low, but they are also very tiring. But now that digging machines are available. The difference is that the original workload of a few days can be completed within a few hours, so the digging machine has become the most effective helper in the landscaping process, freeing people from heavy physical labor.
Various types of garden machinery allow various plants in the garden to "get their own place". This makes the important work of pruning the flowers and trees in the garden on a regular basis easier, and the garden has a better effect on the improvement and modification of the environment. But it is worth noting that we must use it in accordance with safe operation rules when using it, and continue to maintain the machinery.
Due to seasonal changes and the complexity of operating conditions and terrain, garden machinery has quietly emerged in the greening. The use of garden machinery not only saves most of the labor costs, but also has excellent working ability in dealing with various complex operating environments. Its fundamental purpose is to make the landscaping more beautiful in appearance and reduce costs in terms of costs.