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What are the possible failures of the lawn mower and the treatment and maintenance methods 2? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 19,2021

1. Can't start in spring
After winter, if poor maintenance fails to start in spring, the reasons and countermeasures are as follows
(1) It may be that the first year's oil in the fuel tank has not been exhausted, so check whether the fuel is qualified fresh oil;
(2) Its function is to discharge the pulsed high-voltage electricity sent by the high-voltage wire (fire nozzle wire), break down the air between the two electrodes of the spark plug, and generate electric sparks to induce the mixed gas in the gas cylinder. Many idle speeds are unstable, jitter, poor acceleration, insufficient power, and frequent idle speed self-extinguishing phenomenon, and oil and gas consumption increase. This is caused by damage to the spark plug. If the spark plug is dirty, it can be cleaned, severely damaged, and parts of the same model must be replaced. If you can’t ignite, you can adjust the spark plug electrode gap, which is 0.6-0.9mm in winter and 0.9-1.0mm in other seasons;
(3) If it is said that the fuel has not been burned out before the vaporizer was shut down last year, the vaporizer should be cleaned (it must be cleaned by professionals);
(4) Send it to a professional shop for repair.
The lawn mower engine carburetor.
2. Blue smoke from the muffler
Lawn mower
The above-mentioned failure is caused by the participation of organic oil in combustion. After discovering the fault, first check the oil dipstick to see if the oil is excessive. If it is too much, drain the excess oil and run it for another ten minutes. If the fault has not been eliminated, the engine needs to be overhauled.
3. Weak mowing
Remove the air filter for cleaning, and replace it if it cannot be cleaned. Check whether the blade is sharp, if it is blunt, it needs to be sharpened. In addition, whether the lawn has long and thick leaves, if so, increase the size of the cut grass to reduce the load on the engine.
4. The drawstring rebounds when starting
Early ignition time is the cause of this failure. It is usually because the blade hits a hard object when cutting grass, causing the flywheel to be cut. At this time, the malfunctioning machine should be overhauled.
5. The self-propelled clutch is easy to wear
During the use of the hob mower, because the operator does not follow the operating regulations, and often clicks to control the self-propelled, which increases the wear of the clutch plate, and finally makes the self-propelled clutch ineffective, so the hob cuts the grass. During the use of the machine, the self-propelled handle must be adjusted in place at one time.
6. The lawn mower does not discharge the grass smoothly
Reasons: the engine speed is too low, the grass is blocking the grass outlet, the grass is too humid, the grass is too long, too dense, and the blades are not sharp.
The lawn mower does not discharge the grass smoothly. Elimination method: remove the accumulated grass in the lawn mower, and cut the lawn after it is dry. Divide it into two or three cuts, each time only 1/3 of the length of the lawn, and sharpen the blade .
7. Overheating damage
The skirt is dry and white or light gray. In severe cases, the surface of the porcelain tube is partially loose and uplifted. The electrode is obviously ablated, and there is a circle of ablation at the proximal end of the center electrode, and there are tumor-like particles adhered. Excessively thin combustible gas, low calorific value or leakage of spark plug, premature ignition or overheating of gasoline engine will cause overheating and burning.