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What are the possible failures of the lawn mower and the treatment and maintenance methods? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 12,2021

Fault handling
1. Severe vibration
There may be several reasons for this phenomenon:
(1) The blade is bent or worn out of dynamic balance;
(2) The crankshaft is bent due to impact;
(3) The coupler is damaged, causing the blade and the crankshaft to rotate relative to each other, causing imbalance;
(4) The engine fixing screws are loose;
(5) The engine base is damaged;
(6) The blade hits a hard object.
2. The engine is not stable
The throttle is at the maximum position and the air valve is open; the spark plug wire is loose; water and dirt enter the fuel system; the air filter is too dirty; the carburetor is improperly adjusted; the engine fixing screw is loose: the engine crankshaft is bent. Remedy: Lower the throttle switch: press the outer line of the spark plug firmly; clean the fuel tank and refill the fuel; clean the air filter or replace the filter element; reset the carburetor; check the engine fixing screws after flameout: correct the crankshaft or replace the new shaft.
3. The engine cannot be stalled
The installation position of the throttle cable on the engine is appropriate; the throttle cable is broken; the throttle movement is not sensitive; the flameout cable cannot be touched. Remedy: reinstall the throttle cable; replace with a new throttle cable; drip a small amount of engine oil into the active position of the throttle; check or replace the flameout cable. As a good helper for agricultural production and wealth, agricultural machinery must not only be able to purchase and maintain, but also the correct operation, use, maintenance and maintenance of machinery is also very important.
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