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What are the structure and impact of lawn mowers? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 14,2020

Lawn mower, also known as lawn mower, is composed of cutter head, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, armrest and control part. It consists of a parallel four-bar lifting device, a frame, a left and right single-wing weeding device, a complete machine deviation adjustment device, a comb tooth rotating bevel gear speed-increasing transmission mechanism and a comb tooth profiling depth adjustment device; the efficiency is 8 to 10 times, low seedling damage rate, high seedling removal clean rate.

Develop agricultural mechanization, improve work efficiency, and improve agricultural production efficiency. As an important tool in agricultural production, lawn mowers have the most direct impact on crop yields. Its invention is a major advancement in human civilization. Lawn mowers are also known as lawn mowers, lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, etc. Lawn mowers are mechanical tools used to mow lawns and vegetation. There are diesel engines and gasoline engines. It is composed of cutter head, engine, traveling wheel, traveling mechanism, blade, armrest, control and other parts. The blade uses the high-speed rotation of the engine to greatly increase the output speed, which saves the work time of the weeding workers and reduces a lot of human resources. In countries where the mechanization of animal husbandry is highly developed, the research of new lawn mowers is developing in the direction of high speed and energy saving.
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