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What are the technical points of lawn mower use? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 09,2021

How does the lawn mower work?
The lawn mower is composed of a gasoline-powered engine, a transmission rod and a mowing wheel. The single machine weighs about 6 kilograms and is operated by a single person. Its working principle is: using the power of the gasoline engine to drive the mowing wheel to rotate at a high speed through the transmission system, so that a special polymer wire (grass rope) installed on the wheel can be adjusted and rotated synchronously to generate a certain cutting force. The weeds are cut off and play a role in weeding.
Technical points for the use of lawn mowers
1. Use a lawnmower to weed, and the effect is better when the weeds grow to 10-13 cm. If the weeds grow too high, it should be done in two steps, first cutting the upper part and then the lower part. The length of the mowing rope on the lawn mower should be determined by the orchard row spacing and the height of the weeds. If the row spacing is wider and the weeds grow taller, the length of the mowing rope should be longer, and vice versa. .
2. When using the lawn mower, hold the handle with both hands and keep a certain inclination to the side of the fruit tree, so that the weeds that have been cut fall as far as possible to the fruit tree. Open the throttle at medium speed and move forward at a constant speed, which can save fuel consumption and improve work efficiency. Also try to avoid thick weeds to prevent the mowing rope from breaking. If necessary, the thick weeds can be manually removed before using the lawn mower to mow the grass.
3. Lawn mowers can not only be used in landscaping, but also play a very important role in agricultural production. It has realized agricultural mechanization, improved work efficiency, and improved agricultural production efficiency, which is extremely important for a large agricultural country like ours. The mechanization of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry in my country is developing rapidly, and the research of new lawn mowers is developing in the direction of high speed, stability and energy saving.
Notes on the use of lawn mowers
1. If the machine vibrates abnormally during operation, the engine must be stopped immediately.
2. The machine must be operated with both hands, and one-handed operation is prohibited.
3. The side of the engine muffler should face outwards to avoid burns.
4. Pay attention to adjusting the oil when using. The lawn mower burns mixed oil, otherwise it will damage the machine. After using it, try to pour out the oil as much as possible.