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What are the working steps before the lawnmower is used? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 14,2021

With the development of landscaping in China, the garden machinery industry is developing rapidly, and more and more maintenance have begun to use garden equipment as auxiliary tools to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. However, these garden equipment operations must follow certain operating procedures to be safer , More efficient.
Installation and running-in: When the new lawnmower is packed by the factory, some parts are not completely installed and must be reinstalled. After installation, debugging and running-in should be carried out.
For different models, the installation requirements are different. At present, the most widely used small rotary knife lawnmower, the armrest is folded in the transportation state. When installing TORO 200 series lawn mower armrests, first rotate the two armrests to a straight line. Then rotate the armrest back into the bracket slot. There are two holes at the bottom of the armrest, which can adjust the height of the armrest. According to the height and operating habits of the operator, select the appropriate armrest height adjustment hole, insert it and clamp it, and finally tighten the knob. For electric lawnmowers, be careful not to damage the cables. For engine lawnmowers, attention should be paid to install and fix the starter rope shackle at a suitable position, and fix the starter rope in the shackle. Note that the control line should be under the armrest.
For some lawnmowers, the grass discharge pipe and the grass baffle in the transportation state are also separated, and should be installed, fixed and hooked separately. When the lawn vehicle is in the transportation state, the brakes, steering and other parts are fixed or fastened by special transportation fixing elements. After the transportation fixing parts are removed, they should be restored to normal working conditions. The spark plug of the engine is not installed in the transportation state, and should be installed before starting.
The newly delivered lawnmower engine and various moving parts have not been fully run-in. Since the moving parts still have processing marks. If they are used without running-in, the friction surface will be severely worn and shorten the service life of the engine and other parts.
Before running in, first fill up the lawnmower with oil and gasoline. Fasten each fixed part to ensure the technical condition is intact. Start the engine, run the engine at low speed for 10 minutes, increase the throttle and run for another 10 minutes, and then allow the engine to run at high speed for 10 minutes, reduce the engine speed to engage the cutter, and gradually move from medium speed to high speed for 30 minutes. Finish
Early run-in
The running-in work should be combined with trial cutting. After the preliminary running-in is completed, the lawnmower should be thoroughly inspected and adjusted before trial cutting can be carried out.
Working steps before using the lawnmower
1) Before use, first check whether the mechanical parts of the lawnmower are normal.
2) Check whether the lawnmower blade of the lawnmower is loose and whether it can be used continuously.
3) Check whether the oil content of the engine is within the specified range of use (scale line).
4) Check the gasoline of the lawnmower, add gasoline before normal use.
5) Adjust the cutting height of the lawnmower in the open area, 4 to 5 cm.