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What do you need to grasp when buying a sprayer? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 29,2021

The sprayer is composed of power machines, pumps, pipelines, nozzles, mobile devices and other facilities. There are many types. The common ones are small sprayers, large sprayers, translation sprayers, mobile sprayers, reel sprayers, and pointers. There are many types of sprayer, center pivot sprayer, round sprayer and double cantilever sprayer, but no matter which sprayer you choose, you need to grasp the following three main points when purchasing:
1. Sprinklers and pressure pipes must meet the use standards
The nozzles and pipes should be selected scientifically and rationally according to the application requirements when spraying. The quality of spraying operations not only depends on the performance of the nozzles, but more importantly, the inlet pressure of the pipes and branch pipes that depend on the combined working pressure of the nozzles is the basis for the design of the spray area.
2. The sprayer must meet the standard requirements
When purchasing a sprayer, you should first check whether its product meets national standards, industry standards or local standards. If there is no national standard, industry standard or local standard, the spraying machine shall have the enterprise standard filed by the technical supervision department at or above the provincial level.
3. Qualified products must be selected for supporting pipes and fittings
The selected supporting pipes and fittings should meet the corresponding technical standards and have a full inspection report issued by a provincial-level or above inspection agency.
Generally speaking, in order to ensure that the selected sprayer can meet actual needs and give full play to its use value, the above three main points need special attention.