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What is the scope of application of the sprayer? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 01,2021

The scope of application of the sprayer:
1. Clean the vehicles, the site and other aspects of operations.
2. Large-scale sterilization and epidemic prevention in public places, garbage sites, and after natural disasters.
3. Fields, orchards, flower gardens, seedlings, vegetable greenhouses, tea gardens, lawns, etc. are sprayed to prevent and cure diseases and insect pests, as well as water pumping and sprinkler irrigation.
4. It is mainly suitable for spraying in agriculture, rice, orchards, flower nursery stocks, vegetable bases, etc. to prevent and cure diseases and insect pests and pumping irrigation and other operations. It can also be used for cleaning vehicles, public places, garbage sites, and animal husbandry.

The correct operation steps of the sprayer:
1. Requirements for the operating environment of the equipment The operation should be carried out in fine weather and good air quality.

2. It is not suitable to work at night, under heavy fog and thunderstorm, and it is not suitable to work under the hot and scorching heat. It is not suitable to work in an environment where there are many people and livestock around. Requirements for equipment status The sprayer must be able to be used normally, with clean water test spraying, and no leakage everywhere.

3. The power machine and the hydraulic pump are operating normally, with no problems in draining water, and normal pressure regulation. Requirements for personnel conditions and labor insurance wear The operator has a certain level of education, and understands the performance of spraying medicine, usage methods and precautions.

4. The operator is in good health, no heart disease, high blood pressure, no mental illness, and no symptoms of drug allergy. Do not work when emotionally unstable, tired, or after drinking. Strictly stick to the post during the operation, do not leave the post, and always pay attention to the pedestrian dynamics. Operators must wear complete labor protection supplies, and wear rubber gloves and glasses when dispensing medicines or in windy conditions. Regulations for equipment handover

4. During operation, the shift shifter must ensure that the sprayer is normal, and the oil and lubrication are normal. If there is an abnormality and the cause cannot be found, explain clearly to the successor and make a good record. In the handover after the shutdown, the person in charge should clean the sprayer body and drain the liquid in the pump. The requirements for inspection and preparation before starting the sprayer will be clear to the successor if there are any abnormalities. Before starting, check whether the lubricating oil in the hydraulic pump is within the specified oil height range, whether the air pressure is sufficient, and whether the lubricating oil and fuel oil in the power machine are sufficient. Before the new pump is used, clean lubricating oil should be marked according to the sufficient oil level of the oil dipstick, and sufficient air should be supplied to the air chamber (the pressure is about 0.5-0.6 MPa, which is about 20 times of inflating the new cylinder), and rotate the pressure regulating wheel to make The pressure regulating valve is in a pressurized state. Then run at 1.0 MPa pressure for 1 hour before transferring to normal working pressure.