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What should be done in garden maintenance? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 08,2021

1. Daily management:
1. Plastic and pruning:
It is mainly to trim deciduous trees. This is mainly because the deciduous trees are still in the dormant period. At this time, when pruning, the tree liquid basically does not flow very much, so the damage to the tree body is relatively small. And as the temperature slowly rises, the wound is particularly easy to heal. In addition, the pruned trees not only reduce unnecessary nutrient consumption, but also enhance the ventilation and light transmission of the trees, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases. Therefore, this pruning is very necessary.

In the pruning process, we must implement the principle of "remove the weak and stay strong". Mainly cut off diseased and insect branches, weak branches, drooping branches, long branches, dense branches and branches that are not conducive to viewing. Of course, the cut tree also needs to meet the requirements of the garden landscape effect. It cannot be said that the overall beauty of the garden plants is destroyed for pruning.

However, it should be noted that when trimming, we must try to make the cut as smooth as possible. For incisions larger than 3 cm in diameter, special wound smears should be applied in time to achieve the purpose of disinfection, antiseptic, and rapid healing of the cut. Don't use mud or paint instead for the sake of cheapness.

2. Clean the countryside:
The dead branches, weeds, gravel, bricks, garbage and other debris in the garden should be cleared in time to reduce the overwintering places of pests and diseases; Overwintering eggs are killed.

3. Strengthen the antifreeze:
For areas with relatively low temperatures and relatively cold-tolerant tree species, especially tree species that are young, weak, or just transplanted, special attention should be paid to cold and frost protection. During this period, irrigating antifreeze water and spraying plant antifreeze will have no effect. On the contrary, it will have a counterproductive effect, making plants more susceptible to freezing damage. Irrigation of antifreeze water and spraying of plant antifreeze must take the right time to be effective.

4. Soil improvement:
During this period, plants have not yet begun to grow. The soil can be locally improved according to the condition of the soil and the needs of the plants being planted. If you want to improve acidic soil into alkaline soil, you can do it by spreading lime; if you want to improve alkaline soil into acidic soil, you can adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the soil by using sulfur powder; for soil with a more compacted soil structure, you can Through the application of farmhouse organic fertilizer, the physical and chemical properties of the soil are adjusted, which is conducive to the healthy growth of plants.

2. Disease and pest control:
1. Eliminate the source of pests:
Remove the pest branches, dead branches, fallen leaves and weeds in the garden, and take them away or burn them together to reduce the source of pests and diseases in the coming year.

2. Eliminate overwintering pests:
All plants in the park can be sprayed with the broad-spectrum fungicide "Carbendazim" and insecticides "Omethoate", "Cyfluthrin" and so on. Of course, it can also be sprayed with a lime-sulfur mixture of about 1 degree of Baume, which can also play a role in sterilizing and killing insect eggs.

For trees or flowering shrubs with main trunks, the trunks can be whitened in combination with the actual situation. It can not only prevent freezing, but also eliminate the eggs in the bark. It also has a certain avoiding effect on the pests that overwinter in the soil, which is not conducive to them. Tree hazards.