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Which technologies can increase the utilization rate of pesticides? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 08,2021

The development of agriculture has led to the development of agricultural machinery. Among them, the spraying machine has played a very important role in the development of agriculture, and its application is of great significance to increasing crop yields. my country is a large agricultural country and has rich experience in agricultural production. In order to improve the application effect of sprayers and increase the utilization rate of pesticides, low-volume spraying, electrostatic spraying, pelletized spraying, circulating spraying, and spraying techniques are used. A breakthrough has been made.
(1) Low-volume spray technology. The so-called low-volume spray technology means that the pesticide application amount per unit area is unchanged, and the pesticide stock solution is slightly diluted, and the amount of water is equivalent to 1/5-1/10 of the conventional spray technology. This technology improves work efficiency. Low-volume spray technology is not only widely used in closed greenhouses, but also suitable for low-volume boom sprayers used in the field.
(2) Electrostatic spray technology. The method of electrified spraying of droplets by a high-voltage electrostatic generator can significantly increase the amount of droplets deposited on the surface of the blades, and the effective utilization rate of pesticides can be increased to 90%.
(3) Pelletized pesticide application technology. For medicaments with strong water solubility used in paddy fields, pill application technology can be used. In the sericulture areas in my country, the insecticide double granule is used to control the rice stem borer. You only need to sprinkle the pills evenly in the farmland by hand. The industrial output can be increased by several times, and the silkworm leaves will not be polluted due to the drift of the medicament. , To ensure the safety of local silkworm cocoons.
(4) Circulating spray technology. The conventional spraying equipment is redesigned and transformed, and a mist recovery device is installed on the opposite side of the spraying part to collect the medicinal liquid that is not deposited on the target plant during spraying and then withdraw it back to the medicinal liquid tank for recycling. Improve the effective utilization rate of pesticides.
(5) Medicine roller application technology. The medicine roller application technology is mainly used for the use of systemic herbicides. The medicine liquid passes through the medicine roller (a kind of foam material that can absorb the medicine liquid to make a medicine roller) and exudes from the surface of the medicine roller, and only needs to touch the weeds. The upper blade will work. Several branches of this method can make all the medicines be applied to the target plants without spraying and dripping of the liquid medicine, which can meet the needs of operations in various occasions.