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What are the advantages and characteristics of the brush cutter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 18,2021

As people's requirements for the environment are getting higher and higher, the green area is getting bigger and bigger, and the cost and efficiency of manual pruning are getting lower and lower. The emergence of the brush cutter has solved this problem, and the brush cutter has become the choice for greening. What are the advantages and characteristics of the brush cutter?
1. The brush cutter has good durability and can be used as a commercial mowing machine. Compared with ordinary brush cutters, it is light to start, with U-shaped double handles, and the operation is very simple and convenient. It has a wide range of applications and can be equipped with various knives.
2. The brush cutter is a good helper for gardening, with small size, light weight, strong and powerful, and it is the first designated brand in professional use!
3. The brush cutter is mainly used to cut weeds on both sides of the road, orchards, hillsides or uneven shrubs and weeds, and the range can be expanded!
Not only is the brush cutter obviously quieter than other machines, it consumes less fuel, and its working life is twice that of other brush cutters! The engine has high combustion efficiency, high power, and large torque. Lightweight, easy to use, compact and user-friendly design, shorten working time, with less fatigue!
The brush cutter greatly reduces the emission of smoke and hydrocarbons, and its capacity and cleanliness are equivalent to the stringent emission regulations of the United States.
It is used to remove shrubs and weeds in operations such as forestland cleaning, young forest tending, tending and felling, as well as machinery for cutting trails and pruning branches. Brush cutters can be divided into three types: portable, walk-behind and tractor-mounted. ①Portable brush cutter: There are two types: back type and side hanging type. It consists of four parts: engine, transmission system, cutting device and control system. The engine generally uses a single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine with a power of 1 to 4.5 horsepower. The cutting device is a circular saw blade, a blade or a thick nylon wire, which can be selected and used according to different working objects. ② Walk-behind brush cutter: equipped with wheels, the machine is pushed forward by a person, and the cutting device is mostly a circular saw blade, which is driven by an engine for cutting operations, and is suitable for gentle slopes of mountainous hills. ③ Tractor-mounted brush cutter: also called shovel brush cutter. The cutting device is a shovel blade and a circular saw blade. The shovel is installed in the front of the tractor, and the thrust of the tractor is used to shovel shrubs and small trees of non-purpose tree species. The circular saw blade is mounted on a swing bracket at the front or rear of the tractor and is driven by the tractor's power output shaft. This brush cutter is suitable for plains and gentle slopes.