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What are the types and functions of lawn mowers? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 11,2021

The green garden area is getting bigger and bigger, and lawn mowers have become a very common product in life. There are two common lawn mowers, push lawn mowers and rotary lawn mowers.
Push lawn mower
Automatic walking function, to prevent collision, prevent the line from exiting within the range, and have the ability to climb. It is suitable for lawn trimming and maintenance in family courtyards, public green spaces and other places. It can complete the work of mowing the lawn autonomously, without direct manual control and operation, and has low power, low noise, exquisite and beautiful appearance, and greatly reduces manual operations.
The drive device of the drum mower is located above the cutter, so it is also called the upper drive rotary mower. A drum mower is generally equipped with 1 to 4 vertical cylindrical or conical drums side by side. A cutter head hinged with 2 to 6 blades is installed under each drum, and the blades on adjacent cutter heads have overlapping rotation tracks to avoid missing cutting. The rollers are driven by tape or bevel gears, and two adjacent rollers rotate relative to each other, and the cut grass is spread backwards into neat small grass strips under the transfer of a pair of rollers. Can meet the low cutting requirements!
Rotary lawn mower
The driving device of the rotary lawn mower is located below the cutter head, so it is also called the lower drive rotary lawn mower. On the knife beam of a rotary lawn mower, 4 to 6 cutter heads are generally arranged side by side. Each cutter head is hinged with 2 to 6 blades. The arrangement of the blades on the adjacent cutter heads is staggered, and the rotation trajectory of the blades overlaps. The cutter head is generally driven by gears, and the rotation of adjacent cutter heads is opposite. The structure is compact and the transmission is stable. However, the position of the cutter head is higher due to the transmission device underneath. In order to cut low and reduce heavy cutting, the cutter head is usually inclined forward. The hinged blade on the cutter head of the rotary lawn mower keeps its cutting state under the action of centrifugal force when the cutter head rotates at a high speed. When the resistance is too large or encounter obstacles, the blade will swing back to avoid damage. One side of the blade can be used when the cutting edge is worn out. Blade replacement is also more convenient than a reciprocating lawn mower. In addition to the safety device similar to the reciprocating lawn mower, the rotary lawn mower is equipped with a protective cover above the cutter to ensure personal safety.
1. Before the lawn mower cuts the grass, remove the debris in the mowing area to avoid damage to the cutting head and blades. To start the engine in a cold state, close the damper first, and then open the damper at an appropriate time after starting. If the turf area is too large. The continuous working time of the lawn mower should not exceed 4 hours.
2. After the lawnmower is used, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and the screws should be checked for tightening, the blade is defective, and the high-pressure cap should be repaired. It should be based on the service life of the lawnmower. Strengthen the inspection or replacement of vulnerable parts. Scope of application: It is suitable for various weeds such as reeds, alfalfa, fish grass and other large and small plots of plains, hills, terraces, orchards, and triangles, with simple operation and high work efficiency. Technical points for the use of lawn mowers. Use a lawnmower to weed, and the effect is better when the weeds grow to 10-13 cm. If the weeds grow too high, it should be done in two steps, first cutting the upper part and then the lower part. When using a lawn mower, hold the handle with both hands and keep the slope to the side of the fruit tree, so that the cut weeds fall to the side of the fruit tree as much as possible. Open the throttle at medium speed and move forward at a constant speed, which can save fuel consumption and improve work efficiency.