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What are the preparations for the lawn mower before cutting the grass? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 02,2021

① Protective measures. Operators should wear hard protective shoes, tight-fitting work clothes, and protective glasses to prevent debris and other debris splashing during mowing from hurting their bodies.
② Check whether the blade is damaged, and the tightening of nuts and bolts to ensure safety.
③ Check the tire pressure. The tire pressure of a lawn tractor has a great influence on the driving ability and rolling on the lawn. It should be ensured that the width of the tractor tire contacting the ground is the same as the tire width.
④ Check the oil condition. In the parking state, unscrew the oil dipstick to check the liquid level display. The oil should be added between the high mark and low mark on the scale. The lubricating oil with the correct label should be correctly selected according to the local weather characteristics.
⑤ Add enough gasoline. Use gasoline above No. 90, add combustion stabilizer and improver when possible, especially imported gasoline engines have strict fuel requirements, and you must not try to use cheap and inferior gasoline for cheap, otherwise it will damage the machine. The gasoline liquid level should be 6~13cm below the fuel tank filler opening.
⑥ The lawn mower equipped with a point start device has a battery box. Please use the charger to charge the battery for at least 12 hours before using it for the first time.
⑦ Clearing of grassland. Before mowing the grass, remove the branches, stones, tiles, iron wires and other debris on the lawn. Fixed facilities, such as sprinkler irrigation management heads, should be marked to prevent damage to the blades.
⑧ Before preparing to mow the lawn, you should accurately measure the height of the lawn, and adjust the lawn mower to a reasonable cutting height according to the 1/3 principle of lawn mowing.
⑨ Determine the humidity of the lawn. It is best not to cut grass on wet grassland that has just been watered, overwhelmed, or during the rainy season. First of all, it is inconvenient for people to walk on damp grass, and they are easy to slip, and the lawnmower is also easy to get out of control.
⑩ For sloping land, the slope must be measured, and push-type or self-propelled lawn mowers shall not be used to mow the lawn where the slope is greater than 15°.
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