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What are the uses and advantages of the push lawn mower? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 09,2021

There are two types of lawn mowers: side-mounted and backpack-mounted: the side-mounted brush cutter adopts a hard shaft drive, which is mainly composed of an engine, a transmission system, a clutch, working parts, a control device, and a side-mounted belt. One end of the drive shaft is equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine and a centrifugal friction clutch of 0.75 to 2 kilowatts; the other end is equipped with a working part composed of a reducer and a cutting tool. The small lawn mower is simple to operate, reliable and durable, easy to maintain, easy to start, and high efficiency. It is an ideal tool for cutting and trimming sugarcane, barley beans, hemp, Lysimachia, alfalfa, prunella, and other crops, shrubs and weeds, flower garden lawns, pastures, reeds, mulberry branches, tea branches and other cutting and trimming operations. It is suitable for the harvesting, cutting and trimming operations of large and small fields under various natural conditions, and is especially suitable for the harvesting, cutting and trimming operations of mountainous and hilly areas, high slope terraces, triangles, and mud fields.
Weeding advantages of lawn mowers:
1. High efficiency: Generally, each lawn mower can mow more than 8×667m2 per day, and its efficiency is 16 times that of manual weeding (0.5×667m2 per day).
2. Good benefit: Due to the fast rotating speed of the lawn mower, the cutting effect on the orchard weeds is good, especially the cutting effect on the weeds with high tenderness. Generally, weeding 3 times a year can basically meet the weeding requirements.
3. Conservation of water and soil: artificial hoe for weeding, because the topsoil is loosened while weeding, it will often cause a certain amount of water and soil loss. Manual weeding on the sill will cause more serious water and soil loss. The use of lawn mowers to weed, because only the above-ground part of the weeds is cut, it has almost no effect on the soil surface, and the soil-fixing effect of the grass roots is extremely beneficial to the preservation of water and soil.
4. Environmental protection and energy saving: Use lawn mowers to weed, wait until weeds grow to a certain height, and cut a large amount of weeds can cover the orchard, and can be used as organic fertilizer for the orchard, which will not pollute the environment and increase the soil. Fertility.
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