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What are the problems that should be paid attention to before using the hedge trimmer? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 16,2021

1. Before using the hedge trimmer, please read the instruction manual carefully to clarify the performance of the machine and the precautions for use.
2. The purpose of the hedge trimmer is to trim hedges and shrubs. In order to avoid accidents, please do not use it for other purposes.
3. The hedge trimmer is equipped with a high-speed reciprocating cutting knife. If it is operated incorrectly, it is very dangerous. Therefore, do not use the hedge trimmer when you are tired or uncomfortable, after taking cold medicine or after drinking alcohol.
4. The engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide which is harmful to the human body. Therefore, do not use hedge trimmers in places with poor ventilation such as indoors, greenhouses or tunnels.
5. Do not use in the following situations.
①When the feet are slippery and it is difficult to maintain a stable working posture.
②When it is difficult to confirm safety around the work site due to dense fog or at night.
③When the weather is bad (rain, strong wind, thunder, etc.).
6. When using it for the first time, be sure to ask an experienced person to give instructions on the usage of the hedge trimmer before starting the actual operation.
7. Excessive fatigue will reduce concentration and become the cause of accidents. Do not make the work plan too tight. Each continuous work time cannot exceed 30 to 40 minutes, and then there must be a rest time of 10 to 20 minutes. The work time of the day should be Limited to less than two hours.
8. Minors are not allowed to use hedge trimmers.
9. Before starting the operation, it is necessary to understand the conditions of the site (the terrain, the nature of the hedges, the location of obstacles, the degree of danger around, etc.), and remove the movable obstacles.
10. Take the operator as the center and within a radius of 15 meters is a dangerous area. To prevent others from entering the area, ropes should be used to enclose the area or a wooden sign should be erected as a warning. In addition, when several people are working at the same time, they should greet each other from time to time and keep a safe distance.
11. Before starting work, check all parts of the machine body carefully, and start work only after confirming that there is no loosening, oil leakage, damage or deformation of the screws. In particular, the blades and the connecting parts of the blades should be carefully checked.
12. Confirm that the blade has no chipping, cracking, or bending before using it. Do not use the blade that has been abnormal. 15. After tightening the screw on the blade, first turn the blade by hand to check if there is any up-and-down swing or abnormal noise. If it swings up and down, it may cause abnormal vibration or loosening of the fixed part of the blade.